NZ Architecture Week

Housing the Future

Architecture Week 2016 set to tackle the future of housing in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington

New Zealanders love to talk about housing, but in recent years conversations about housing have become synonymous with the word “crisis”.

Housing affordability, availability and density have become common subjects – perhaps no more so than in Auckland, where the passing of the Unitary Plan is set to change the housing landscape, but also in Wellington, where house prices have risen in the vicinity of 10 per cent in the last year. What will a denser Auckland look like? And how can housing types and styles positively affect a city’s vibrancy? 

This year, Architecture Week, an initiative of the New Zealand Institute of Architects working with a number of other organisations, is addressing these questions.

With a theme of ‘Housing the Future’, Architecture Week will take place in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington from 19-25 September.

Housing the Future

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