The Warren Trust


What does the Trust support?

The Trust will support applications which in the view of the Trustees are both worthy of support provide education for New Zealand architects and for the benefit of the public, by:

Building public awareness of the art of architecture in society;

Promoting and making accessible the art of architecture through exhibitions, resources and debate;

Promoting educational courses on the art of architecture.

The Trust does not wish to limit the scope of applications in a prescriptive manner and welcomes proposals that further the objectives noted above in creative and innovative ways.

What is the Trust not able to support?

The Trust is unable to support proposals that involve restoration or construction of buildings, nor able to fund individual students’ or practitioners’ course costs, fees or education related travel costs.

The Trust meets at regular intervals to consider applications. Applicants will be advised in writing and The Trust reserves the right to support / not support initiatives at its own discretion; and to keep its deliberations on proposals confidential.


Proposal details

Is additional funding being sought from other sources for this proposal?

Have you applied to the Warren Trust on a previous occasion in any capacity?