Futuna Lecture Series

The Futuna Guest Lecturer for 2022 is our very own homegrown architect Michael O’Sullivan of B/OS Architecture.

Michael comes from a unique background and set of experiences. He has developed an approach to his architecture that is distinct, pragmatic and beautiful in its resolution and execution.  His use of materials is inventive and surprising and Michael himself has catergorised the outcomes as “odd”.

He will talk about the work of B/OS Architecture and look at recent, current  and future projects as he describes the processes of designing, drawing, and delivering the unique architectural experiences, no doubt with generous sprinklings of his personal architectural philosophy and learnings to date.

Michael has won the Sir Ian Athfield Architecture Award for Housing twice, first for a studio in Lyttleton (2015) and, secondly, for additions to an existing state house (2020) also in Lyttleton.

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