Making an application to the Trust

In order for the Trust to consider applications, these must be accompanied by a completed Application Form which summarises details of the applicant’s identity, professional affiliations as appropriate, and the particular proposal or initiative for which support is being sought. For a copy of the Application Form, contact the Trust by mail or alternatively for a pdf file
(click here).

What should be included with the Application?

Applicants should include a brief outline of their proposal in sufficient detail for the Trustees to understand the nature of the initiative, the intended programme/timing for its delivery, and a summary of the anticipated costs/budget to which a contribution from the Trust is being sought.

The educational benefit of the proposal to the architectural profession and the wider public under the terms of the Trust’s Deed of Establishment should be made clear. The Trustees may wish to contact the applicant for further information or clarification of aspects of a proposal.

The Trust meets at regular intervals to consider applications. In the event that the Trust wishes to support a proposal or alternatively finds a proposal not meriting its support, the applicant will be advised in writing after the Trust meeting.

The Trust reserves the right to support / not support initiatives at its own discretion; and to keep its deliberations on proposals confidential.

Applications should be forwarded by mail / email to:

The Trustees
The Warren Trust
PO Box 25 086
Christchurch 8030
New Zealand